Twitter: why you are of value to me!

when Twitter was first introduced in class, i honestly didn’t see the point of having to use it or even be graded based on using it (SORRY DR.V, but you’ll like what i have to say about it, i promise). i remember the first presentation that we did at the beginning of the semester and i was so nervous because i honestly do NOT enjoy public speaking. a few weeks later when we were assigned the “Internet Culture” presentations, i was surprised to see how easy i was about it. i was not stressed out because I’m going to present nor was i nervous, i felt like i knew everyone that was in class to an extent that i was comfortable to present.

Dr.V, you mentioned in class that we should have done these presentations earlier in the semester. i disagree, twitter honestly made me more comfortable, it takes time to get to interact with people and form some kind of comfort bond with them.

Bottom line, this is one of the many benefits that i have discovered about Twitter. and THANK YOU Dr.V, i really did not think that i will ever be that casual about presenting đŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Twitter: why you are of value to me!

  1. scott abney says:

    First off Israa, now that Dr. V knows your abilities of presenting are superb, no pressure on Tuesday.

    Second, def in the same boat. First part of class I was dreading having to tell the world what I was doing day in and day out, but once using Twitter frequently, you learn about the benefits it holds, esp. how it is very informative on finding out information regarding topics you are interested in.

  2. It is always interesting how getting comfortable with a class can lead to more engagement and an easier time presenting. At the beginning of every semester, nobody wants to look stupid, so there is little voluntary engagement due to fear. I agree that Twitter has helped add a level of communication that hastens the process of a class becoming more comfortable with each other, and in our Tech 621 class, it really shows! We have very good conversations as well as have fun while doing it (at least I do!).

  3. Israa, you did great presenting!! And you were a great partner!

    I think everyone is nervous about presenting at first. Practice takes the nervousness away. I agree though, Twitter has helped me too be more comfortable talking publicly. I think it is really cool how much I have learned from Twitter too. People posting articles that I wouldn’t otherwise have ever come across, and talking to people I would have never met, has been really cool!!

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